pictured attempting to smoke a pencil *like the logo*
Alonso Morning is a Graphic Artist / Designer based in Charlotte, NC who is cannot talk about himself unless in the 3rd person. He has his AAS in Advertising & Graphic Design from Central Piedmont. His hands are steeped in multiple different creative areas whether it's music, writing, design, photography, or illustration and as a result you'll find lots of crossover between mediums in his work. His current goal is to explore the connection between practical design and artistic self expression. 
Endlessly inspired by alternative subcultures from the 70's, 80's, 90's and current day; he reflects their styles, attitudes, and values which results in a uniquely honest, expressive, and quixotic feeling imprinted on all his design work. His process usually involves a DiY spirit, organic textures, mixed media, bold yet muted colors, and dirty hands.
He is almost always hunched over some body of work, but when he has free time you'll find him at his local venues hanging to the beat of live music, laying in a tick-filled field with a book, or in some arbitrary spot playing his beat-up guitar. For a deeper look at what he gets up to for fun; make sure to check the literal "for fun" page.  
Any of that sound interesting to you? Cool! Shoot me a message and lets create something together! 
(please email for resume)
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