Spirit of the Beehive is a Philadelphia-based indie dream pop / psychedelic rock band looking to promote their latest album "Hypnic Jerks" through posters that evoked the same image, sound, and feeling as the album while still staying within the bands image. The object was to design a 11 x 17 poster that met those desires. ​​​​​​​
Street poster mockup
What resulted is a design that mimics the aesthetics of the album cover while also calling back to the albums themes of dreams and nostalgia that provides viewers with enough information about the album and where to find it. 
moodboard & early sketches 
I knew from the beginning that I wanted the poster design to pursue the same style of the album cover so I began drawing illustrations that would be the main focus of the poster that mimic the same retro illustrations of the cover and made a moodboard to get a better sense of the style I wanted. 
Official Album cover 
final poster design

Afterwards, roughs were created based on the first sketch with alternating color schemes and different placement of the tree photo. The final design featured more stylized text with the inclusion of some symbols along with the promoted albums cover blending well with the posters design.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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